EU students can have medical assistance if :

  • they have a European Health Insurance Card  (in Italian language T.E.A.M.= Tessera Europea Assicurazione Malattia) issued by the country of origin that allows the student to receive all necessary medical treatments.  If necessary, they can go directly to a General Pratictioner (G.P. /doctor) who is operating with the National Health Service (SSN) who can supply the treatment, whether general or specialist or go directly to any hospital located in the area.
  • they have the E106 Form with this, they have the right to receive a complete sanitary service. The E106 Form is issued by the health authorities of the country of origin. The E 106 form can be requested by anyone who is insured in their own country.

For a period of stay lasting more than three months , it is possible to enrol at  SSN presenting the  E106 form.


Non-EU students
 can obtain sanitary assistance through :

  • Applying to the National Health Service (SSN) that supplies  complete sanitary assistance at a payment of an annual tax (deadline 31 December). You must refer to the ASL di Lecce for the relative procedures.
  • Health insurance cover to be acquired from an insurance company.