EU students: 
from 11 April 2007, UE citizens wanting  to stay in Italy, must simply own a valid document of identification (identity card or passport) and must show a declaration of presence. ( at a Police office.

After three months of arriving in Italy, it is necessary, however, to register your place of residence at the Town Hall, presenting an attendance certificate issued by the Conservatory.

UE citizens do not need to have aresidence permit to stay in Italy.

Non UE Students:
All citizens who are not from UE countries can enter in Italy by presenting a valid passport and, if required, a visa issued by their country of origin.
Within eight days of arriving in Italy, students must file a request for a residence permit to study at the police headquarters of  Lecce (Address:
Viale Otranto, 1, 73100 Lecce LE)

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the city of Lecce

Region: Apulia

Province: Lecce

Zone: Southern Italy

Population name: Leccesi

Altitude: 51 meters

Pop.: 100.000 inhabitants

Postal code: 73100

Country/Area code: (+39) 0832

State Railway: Viale O. Quarta Tel. 0832.303403.

South-East State Railway (Ferrovie Sud-Est) Viale O. Quarta, 14

International airport connections: BRINDISI - CASALE and BARI - PALESE AIRPORT CITY TERMINAL, Viale Porta d’Europa tel. 0832.247882-Lecce

Bus service from e to Brindisi airport a=1&idContenuto=387

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In Lecce there is a warm and temperate climate.

In winter there is much rainfall in Lecce compared to summer.

The climate was classified as Csa according to Köppen and Geiger. 16.4 ° C is the average temperature. 620 mm is the annual mean rainfall value. 





Italy is  part of the Eurozone and therefore, the current currency is the Euro.


If you need to open a current account at a bank you should go to one of the many banks present in the territory of Lecce and have the following requisites:
 - To be at the age of 18
- Not to be filed for bankruptcy

The essential documents are: 
- A valid document of identification
- An identifying  code number (Codice Fiscale = CF) 

It is advisable to pay a lot of attention to the economic conditions estimated by the current account which can differ widely and therefore it is better to get as much information from different  banks in order  to make the cheapest choice. 

To get the identifying  code number = (Codice Fiscale CF) you need to go to one of the following offices, depending on your living area:

Agenzia Entrate

Viale Otranto, 65 - Lecce